Digital transformation: preparing your specifications

Digital transformation is a transformative project for the company that requires a global investment from management and teams, at the strategic and technical level. The creation of specifications that are clear and relevant to the needs of the company is one of the fundamental steps in driving change towards digital. It is on the basis of this document that you will be able to select the solutions best suited to your activity and derive the most possible advantages from digitalization: ERP, CRM, BI, MES, etc. Here is everything you need to know to prepare your specifications and start the process of digital transformation for your company.

Understand the importance of specifications

The specification is not a simple administrative formality. It is a key document that helps you structure your digital transformation project, organize the tasks between the different people involved and thus prevent the problems that can arise in any project. A reference document, supposed to be clear and precise, the specifications make it possible to create a basis of common understanding between the company and the suppliers of the management solutions, to avoid any misunderstanding and to deploy the project in an efficient and satisfactory manner.


The specifications are a plan that explains the steps, the resources to be engaged and clarifies the objectives targeted by the digital transformation: increase in performance, optimization of the sales circuit, organization of remote work, automation of tasks, time savings , etc. It is a document that must be integrated into the company's overall strategy and which subsequently commits it contractually to the designer or publisher of solutions in a transformative and sustainable project. It allows management to know exactly what they are getting into and to make a relevant investment (note, for example, that 3 out of 4 ERP projects cost more than expected, due to a lack of preparation).


At what stage of the digital transformation should specifications be drawn up?

The specification will be the foundation and the roadmap for your project. It is therefore essential to develop it from the start of the digital transformation project, that is to say as soon as you start to sketch out the idea. This will allow you to clarify your vision and agree with your teams on the change to be initiated. Indeed, it is essential to involve employees from the beginning of the project. Because their motions will help you develop a plan that meets the concrete needs of the company and thus involved, will be less reluctant to change, they will be more likely to adopt the new solutions put in place.


The components of a specification

To fulfill its role as a plan and diagram of business requirements, to effectively inform the roadmap of the digital transformation project, a specification must include the following elements:


  • Description of the context, challenges and strategic positioning of the project for the company.
  • The purpose of the project and its objectives.
  • The formalization of needs in a synthetic and quantified way.
  • The technical, functional and organizational characteristics of the digital transformation project.
  • The description of the means available and to be provided.
  • The list of constraints to prevent.
  • The human capital concerned by the new project.
  • A provisional schedule of the tasks to be accomplished.
  • The standards for managing deliverables and producing documentation.
  • The expectations and requirements of the provider of the offer.

Get support in the development of the digital transformation plan

If you are a VSME or you are embarking on the development of specifications for the first time, if the whole company seems complex to you and you find it difficult to precisely define your needs in terms of digital transformation , it may be useful to be accompanied. Specialist integrators in your sector of activity or business can provide you with the necessary assistance in defining your needs and building a suitable deployment plan for a sustainable digital transformation.


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