5 Signs You Need a CRM Solution

Many companies today do not yet have CRM software, which are not yet convinced of its effectiveness or who wonder if investing in this new operating mode is advantageous today.


The implementation of a CRM indeed offers many advantages and doubles the efficiency of the company in such a short time. The good news is that today CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software is no longer dedicated only to large companies, technological solutions have come a long way in the last 10 years, and are beginning to take their place in the development of any society.


Increasing your goals, conquering new markets and maintaining good customer relations have never been easier than with the implementation of CRM software.


Today with a market that no longer allows room for error, maintaining good internal management and controlling customer relations are no longer a luxury on the market. The proper functioning of these elements and their mix cannot be taken lightly and traditional methods are no longer able to keep up with the growth that the world of work is experiencing.


Here are 5 signs that show that your company is ready to equip itself with this technology:


1. Your prospect or customer data is scattered.

When launching a business and starting business, the management of activities is not particularly difficult, we generally use only spreadsheets, Excel-Google Sheets, which are more than enough and fulfill the task efficiently, but more time and activities expand, the spreadsheet becomes the spreadsheets, which become longer, endless and difficult to update leaving no room for analysis.


The primary task of CRM software is its ability to store all of your company's resources, customers and prospects in a single database. The CRM is a centralized database of customer data that makes it possible to store, gather, standardize all customer data, update it quickly while keeping track of all exchanges and interactions. All the contacts saved in your spreadsheets, in your mobiles, in your accounts on social networks, etc. Can be imported, merged into a single database and accessible from a single interface.


2. You use too many applications to communicate with your prospects / customers

You have many applications to establish contact with your prospects / customers, this is very disadvantageous and wastes you much more time and credibility in the eyes of your customers.


The CRM allows you to manage your salespeople centrally. This means you can manage email, social media activity, and even instant messaging from a single platform. You no longer need to switch between tools and applications and you no longer need to log in to your different interfaces to manage leads or customer relationships.


A CRM software allows you to manage all interactions with customers in one place which will save you a lot of time and thus allows you to keep track and have your complete relational history of all interactions and all exchanges with your customers / prospects, with the reason and content of the interaction, etc.


3. You have a lot of difficulty organizing the follow-up of your prospect/customer relationship

If you have trouble managing your prospect/customer relationships or have the annoying habit of responding late, or even failing to follow up with prospects, this is one of the signs that confirms that you do indeed need install CRM software.


Arrived at a stage of growth and a certain number of contacts in base, it becomes difficult to remember everything. The CRM is designed to solve this challenge. Any CRM solution will allow you to set up task reminders to chase up those potential customers, reach out to those contacts, and notify you via a notification when it's time to call and follow up on those contacts...


4. Communication between your teams becomes complicated to manage.

The CRM allows all employees to access the same information and on the same platform. The CRM facilitates the circulation of information, in particular that of customers. Employees can share emails, contacts, tasks, transactions, etc. Thus, it would be more convenient for managers to manage their teams, exchange, schedule upcoming events or tasks, with instant interaction.

5. You want to improve the quality and performance of your Customer Relations.

A CRM is not ultimately designed only for the collection and management of contacts on a specific interface or the merger of mailboxes, calendars and commercial follow-up, but it is more oriented towards customer relations, which is ultimately a determining factor in the success or failure of a company. The success and growth of the company is based on customer satisfaction, which defines everything that CRM software was designed for.


If while reading this article you had the feeling that your company is concerned by one or more of the points mentioned, well, it is high time to consider a CRM implementation. you don't know where to start, how to proceed or who to contact, our Pégase team is there to support you throughout this adventure.


Our experts are available to advise you, help you in the different stages of implementation.